Thankful Experience

Hello, guys!
How are you today? I hope you are in a good condition.
In the third post this time on my blog, I will tell you about my thankful experience. Enjoy it.

One years ago me and my friends having a group assignment in in one of my friend's house. When I grade 9th me and my friends have some project. My friends is Marcho, Fadlan, and Yafi. We told to make a presentation by the civic education teacher, my group made a presentation on the old order from 1959-1966. We started  the group work at 08.00 AM, we gathered at school before going to a friend's house at 7.00 AM.

We went to our friend's house using public transportation. When we were on our way to our friend's house, we felt hungry and we decided to buy some food for us to ate. After we ate some food we

My New Friend

Hello, guys!
This is my second posting on my blog. And now I will post about my experience, when after school I went to the canteen and I met someone and I don't know who he is. And now, he became my best friend until now.

One day, when I went home from school the first week of school, I went to the canteen to buy food while waiting my father to pick up me. When I was bought some food and I went to sit in the canteen, there was no seat for me, someone called me to sit inside him.

Him: "Hey, come here! You can sit in here, it's free."
Me  : "Are you sure? There isn't friend sit in here?"
Him: "Yes I'm sure. My friend just got home some minute ago."
Me  : "Ok, thank you." (while sitting)
Him: " I just see you first time in the canteen."
Me  : "Of course, because of me seldom go to the canteen."
Him: "Why you seldom go to the canteen?"
Me  : "Because of me always bring lunch box from home."

It's About Me

Hello guys! How are you today? It's first post from my blog to tell you about me and my activity. first i will introduce my self my name is Toga Bonor , i'm was born in Bandung, I'm 15th years old, my hobby is drawing. I'm studying in 3 senior high school Bandung, do you know 3 senior high school Bandung is most popular senior high school in Bandung. I'm so happy because i accepted in 3 senior high school Bandung. I have dream want to 3 senior high school Bandung from 8 years old and I want to continue my study to UI. I will take the field of medical and i hope i can get it.

When I was 6 years old i'm study in TK Yos Sudarso Bandung, in TK i'm enjoy in there because i'm playing some game, and i continue my study to elementary school in Bandung. I' so happy i can study in Yos Sudarso because i have a lot of friend in there and some extracurricular, i'm take 2 extracurricular.

I'm continue to second grade, in there have studied seriously. diff…